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Deeper Fish Finder – The Top 3 To Buy

Deeper Fish Finder – The Top 3 To Buydeeper fish finder

A deeper fish finder or deeper sonar is another big purchase for any fisherman, after motor and boat. This apparatus helps fishermen to gauge how deep water is from a boat, and to identify the presence of objects in water. These devices send sonar, a conical sound wave, which travels in a similar way to an expanding cone through water. This fish finder instrument reflects audio wave back to the transducer, at any time it senses any object obstructing its path. The amount of time taken to return for the sonar wave helps in determining the distance between the transducer and the object.

So lets find out more about each high quality deeper fish finder in the market.

Deeper Smart FishFinder 3.0

This Deeper Fish finder unit is a portable fish finding device that boasts a fantastic technology and is useful for the detection of fish deep down. Although it comes with some limitations, it can be pretty helpful for those who do not require high-octane sonar or a professional fish detector.


This portable deep fish finder device is compatible with tablets as well as smartphones. You may use the unit in case you have a device that runs at least iOS 8.0 or Android 4.0 operating systems.

The Deeper fish finder can be connected to mobile devices, and can be used with a few amazing apps. There are depth alarms that sound audio notifications when the device goes to a specific depth, and can notify users to try and fish in those areas that fit specific size criteria.

Moreover, there is a built-in option that allows you to share everything you see on online social platforms.

The detector also lets you check climate conditions using latest reports. It allows users to see when the sun and the moon rise and set as well.

It works with Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and functions even in the absence of a mobile network. This deeper fish finder device has a built-in camera function too.

It is lightweight weighing only 100 grams or 3.5 ounces. The unit has a diameter of 6.5 cm or 2.5 inch. The small weight and size makes the device easily portable and convenient to carry around.

Furthermore, it has a tailored fishing log that lets you record relevant details. The device is also powered by a rechargeable 3.7v battery that takes a couple of hours to be charged. On a single charge, it can offer 6 hrs of constant use.


The fish detector uses dual beam sonar frequencies for functioning – using a 55° beam at 90 kHz and a 15° beam at 290 kHz. A larger area is scanned by the wider beam whereas the narrow beam offers more information from the readings of the sonar equipment. Once these are blended, the detector can scan a bigger region as well as offer more details, allowing you to know the type of objects present under water.

When the setting is complete, the sonar detector uses a wireless connection to transmit details to your smartphone or tablet. You may use it even in the absence of a cellular network. It is only is essential that the battery in your phone as well as the unit is charged.

This deeper fish finder activates itself once it goes inside water. Following this, it immediately pairs to your smartphone when you set up the Deeper app. When everything clicks in place, the device begins to send data to your tablet or smartphone screen. In case you get a zone frequented by fish, you will only need to sail next to the fish detector and wait for them to bite.

The detector offers readings to a width of about 16 feet and a maximum depth of 130 feet. Although the range is not as high as other devices, it is unlikely to be a major problem. You can reel it in always and then cast again for fresh readings in case you are unable to catch anything.

However, the readings of this deeper fish finder are not always accurate, as it appears that there are some issues with the fish detector regarding the differentiation between fish and vegetation. Readings at depths, in comparison, are found to be somewhat accurate as compared to professional fish detection equipment.


The unit looks simple but in the same time sophisticated. This deep fish finder looks like a black sphere that is composed of ABS plastic and is like a tennis ball in size. It can perfectly fit in your hand or pocket. It has a perfect, small size, and is easily portable.

The device lacks an isolated screen, and you need to use your tablet or mobile phone for the purpose. This will help you to have a superior and larger display, and in the same time will save you money. In other words, you will have to spend a lot of money if you want to purchase a fish finder having the screen size of a big smartphone.

You will actually love the appearance of this deeper fish finder unit.

  • The device is easily usable, and is intuitive in form. During ice fishing, this deeper fish finder can be used just like a flasher – and that shows its versatility.
  • The app supports many useful features. Other than the sonar, the feature-rich app is one of the merits of the unit.
  • It uses a tablet or smartphone for a display. You will only need to tie the fish detector to an extra fishing rod, and then you are ready to go.
  • It is able to offer functionality that cannot be expected from larger units. This deeper fish finder can be used to scan waters in areas that are difficult to access. It is ideal to use in spots where you cannot sail with boats.
  • It is easily compatible with smartphones or tablets that run on iOS or Android operating systems.
  • You can rapidly install it, which means that you will not waste a lot of your precious time.
  • Given its features, its price is somewhat reasonable.
  • The accuracy of the instrument is doubtful sometimes. While testing, a few connectivity problems were observed while casting off close to the end of the range of the fish detector. There are also some difficulties in the transmission of  information to the paired mobile devices in rough waters or when boats are found to pass.

This might not be the most accurate and powerful deeper fish finder device on the market. However, you can use the unit to see everything that hides close to submerged logs or beneath a bridge. You will only need to toss in the sonar device and begin to explore.

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Deeper Smart Sonar Pro                      

This fish finder is a spherical smart sonar which is portable, versatile and easily functioning. The unit has been designed to satisfy the needs of professionals as well as fishing enthusiasts who are still beginners.


The Deeper fish finder works wirelessly, and does not need any internet connectivity. It has highly improved scanning ability and can offer excellent performance.

It has a boat mode, which helps improve resolution while taking readings under the surface of water.

There are various useful features such as Sleep feature for stopping the use of the battery in water, Day/Night and Classic Screen Color Mode, Social Media Sharing, Camera, Fishing Notes, Solunar Forecast Calendar, Fish Location, Bottom Structure, Temperature, Depth, Unlimited Data History, Free Offline Maps, Real Time Mapping and more.

There are plenty of other useful features, including salt water and fresh water operation, WiFi, Wireless connectivity, ultra light and small cast-able design and Dual Frequency Sonar.

The Deeper App lets you download all the maps free of cost. When you use the sonar in Boat Mode, this app blends GPS location information from your phone with detailed readings from the Pro to develop real-time bathymetric maps.

You can recharge the battery on just one charge with constant use for 6 hours. The full time for recharging takes a couple of hours. This is similar to the Deeper Smart FishFinder 3.0.


The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro shows readings in colors, and not in black and white, which makes it a big improvement on older units. As you can find out from any deeper fish finder review, when compared to black and white models, this is a significant betterment. This unit also shows readings straight on tablets, phones or other mobile devices.

The Smart Sonar PRO allows easy detection of currents, depth, changes in temperature and various other factors that influence the overall fish behavior. This helps you in choosing the proper lines, bait and lures in order to get the maximum catches.

This is a cast-type sonar unit that you can use in various situations. It is a modern, high-end and comparatively economical solution that has many serious features.

The built-in WiFi allows a much wider operating range to the smart sonar and offers highly detailed readings. The WiFi connection allows the transfer of significantly larger amount of data, ensures the best connectivity and a range as high as 100 m / 330ft. The use of WiFi means that you do not need an internet connection for operations, and that you can use the unit in any spot.

The device comes with various compatible accessories, such as Night Fishing translucent covers, easy Smartphone Rod Mount and Flexible Versatile Arm Mount to allow any form of boat fishing.


The fish finder has a transducer that uses two frequencies, which offers high end frequency of 220 kHz, which is ideal for shallower waters, and a low end frequency at 80 kHz that is more suitable for deeper water surfaces. The primary differentiation depends on how deep it can go. The unit can scan at a minimal depth of 2 feet and a maximum of 260 feet.

In a fish scanner, the frequency happens to be the feature that lets you understand the relative depth from readings. This is primarily the function of the transducer. Due to the dual-frequency transducer, the unit is high-performing and effective.

You can find the best zones for fishing due to the improved scanning depth of the sonar, which allows you to scan as low as 80 m or 260 feet. The high-end scanning frequency lets you capture objects that move more quickly while the scanning resolution allows you to find out even the tiniest objects.

The Deeper app can immediately stream details to your tablet or smartphone from the sonar device. It has many high-tech features like Unlimited Data History and Real Time Mapping which makes the sonar unit helpful in any type of fishing situation.

  • If you need a sonar device that offers mild boat-fishing performance as well as extra advantages during ice fishing, bank fishing and kayak fishing, this versatile device is the best option to choose.
  • The sonar unit offers various advantages. You will only need to tie this deeper sonar pro to the end of the fishing line, and place it in water. Upon entry in water, the device gets turned on and begins to scan the water beneath. It uses high frequency readings to scan and find objects up to a depth of 260 feet.
  • The apparatus is composed of superior materials, and has a state of art components that offer powerful functions and have multiple advantages to satisfy even serious fishermen.
  • You can use the device to separate fish schools fast and easily target them. It is helpful for professional as well as beginner fishermen.
  • The fish finder has high end components that offer improved scanning resolution. It extends the dynamic range, allowing you to detect and precisely isolate particular objects.
  • The unit is features a scanner with very high resolution, which enables you to isolate objects at a distance as small as 1.3 cm or 0.4 inches. You can detect smaller objects under water, and thus target exactly the kind of fish you want.
  • The Sonar PRO has been designed to measure bottom structure, temperature, depth and various other useful data which are necessary for optimum fishing experience, as well as for scanning the whole water column.
  • The device does not quite match up to mounted console sonar units. However, the latter are costlier and serve a much varied purpose.

The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO model is the perfect deeper fish finder device for those who want to avoid wandering aimlessly around the ocean or lake, or indulging in a guessing game to understand where they have to cast baits. This advanced and portable unit can prevent wastage of time and returning home without a catch.

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Deeper Smart Sonar Pro +

It is a technologically advanced model from the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Series.The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is also a spherical smart sonar apparatus having a strong construction that allows rough usage. Despite coming at lower price than many other fish finders available today, the device offers a much better performance.


The Deeper Pro Plus comes with Wi-Fi internet connection that allows you to connect it easily with a tablet or smartphone. The range of WiFi lets you attain up to 100m or 330 feet, and this makes a fishing point unnecessary.

You can find out from any Deeper Fish finder review that it has a Zoom feature that helps ice anglers in exploring different locations under the water, which can bring their preferred objects under emphasis. Better tracking of fishes is possible in real time as well with the Vertical Flasher.

The unit has an Amplitude Scope Mode that allows baiting at the right moment or tracking the progress of fishes moving about. In addition, the flexible and versatile arm mount helps to secure the unit outside kayaks. This ensures sufficient space for fishing and paddling during Kayak Fishing.

The scanning ability of Pro+ is much higher, offering more water clarity. It offers sophisticated scanning resolution as well as an advanced, powerful dynamic range that helps in a more accurate discovery. You can use it for tracking items that are very deep inside water.

The app is free, and you can download it your mobile device. Whether it comes to a smartphone or a tablet, it looks perfect on screens of any size.


The unit can scan as low as 260 feet under water, which lets users fish in water of different depths. Thus, you can use the Pro Plus in varied watery ambiences – whether in large lakes, ponds or streams.

The interior GPS receiver of the unit is highly accurate and lets users map the contour features at the utmost depths of water. You can create and use bathymetric maps during onshore fishing. This lets users determine the best sites for fishing and where fish finding can be easiest. Moreover, its Wi-Fi connectivity helps in more accurate data transfer to mobile devices.


As previously mentions, this smart fish finder is spherical in shape. It is lightweight in form and is quite portable to fit easily into back pocket. It weighs around 100 grams, which means it is one of the lightest sonar devices to cast with the majority of fishing rods.

The instrument has a strong build and can withstand rough use for a long time. With a little care while handling, you can make it last for a very long time.

You can easily download the Deeper Pro Plus App and connect it to the unit. The app is compatible to iOS 8.0 or more and Android 4.0 or more. Once you pair the sonar device with the app, it easily shows very clear images with two variable visibility settings.

The basic or general setting is designed to be used for fishing zones that users are more familiar with. It only shows how deep the water is, clearly display and map the lake or river bed contours and attract any type of fish.

For areas under water that are unfamiliar, the detailed setting happens to be more appropriate. People using the unit can see the areas and objects under water with great accuracy. This Deeper fish finder consists of a camera paired to a camera app in smartphones. This means that you can capture shots and photos of the fishes you catch.

  • There are various colors, and you can pick one that matches your preferences. Day and night screen colors of the unit helps in fishing activities.
  • The Pro+ has a castable echo sounder to allow users to access accurate data and features for finding fishes. During earlier times, it wasn’t possible to access these expensive features except through boat-mounted consoles.
  • It has a highly advanced scanning frequency, and allows tracking objects that move faster. It is possible to measure even the smallest creatures and objects due to its enhanced scanning resolution.
  • I can transmit precise offshore and onshore details due to its high image resolution and higher scanning frequency.
  • You can use this unit for all types of fishing ambiences. You can use it during Boat Fishing, Shore Fishing, Ice Fishing and Kayak Fishing. During fishing operations in shores, you can just tie the unit onto a fishing line and cast and pull it towards you.
  • The background of the screen usually provides users with the option to choose from a large color palette. This allows easy recognition of underwater activities. It shows underwater vegetation in  green color and in the other hand, it displays the watery surface in blue color. There are various other colors available to denote various other types of surfaces.
  • The device has a sonar beam that allows scanning of objects under the water. During Ice Fishing, you can use the standard Flasher Screen to display the surroundings beneath ice.
  • It can be slightly difficult to understand the operations of the device. Fortunately, it comes with a user manual written in easy language that offers detailed information about the unit.

This is a feature-rich fish finder that you can use in any type of fishing situation, whether it comes to Shore, Boat, Ice or Kayak fishing. It is flexible in form and the high end scanning frequency and resolution can be very useful for productive fishing.

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